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 Hello and welcome to Ronkar Digital!

We are John and Colleen Ronkar. We are digital entrepreneurs and our mission is to help you Build A Digital Business!

 If you are a struggling affiliate marketer, looking for a way to make money online or you want to build a business of your own, we can help.

Ever since we met and shared our goals and dreams with each other, we knew we wanted a business of our own but we had no idea how to start one.

We struggled to find an affordable way to get off of the ground, be profitable, and make an honest wage online.

The one thing we repeatedly asked ourselves was, “How do we start and run a successful business even if we don’t have any of our own products?”.

Then we discovered affiliate marketing…

“What is affiliate marketing?”

Affiliate marketing is the promotion of someone else’s products and receiving commissions for each sale you make.

The key is to find an affiliate marketing program that won’t just give you a commission on front-end offers (ClickBank, Amazon, MOBE, etc…) but instead gives you commissions on front-end offers, one-time-offers, high ticket back-end offers, AND allows you to have your customers be your customers FOR LIFE.

“But, I don’t know how to sell…”

You don’t need to. Just give away stuff for FREE!

Do you want to earn $3,000 – $10,000 per month simply by giving away stuff for FREE? 

We must be honest though…

Most affiliates fail to be successful digital entrepreneurs…


  • They DON’T have the right strategies.
  • They DON’T have a high-converting sales system.
  • They DON’T receive residual income from their own customers.

What if you could have ALL of this done for you?

You can!

With the done-for-you affiliate marketing program you will also receive:

  • 12+ high quality products
  • Dozens of high converting websites
  • Dozens of automated email campaigns
  • 4+ automated webinar selling systems
  • Premium product application systems
  • Expert phone team
  • And more!

Below are some of our actual partners and just examples of the money they are making online with this done-for-you sales system:





If you want to jump start your success, be your own boss, live the life you want to live, and be a part of the best affiliate marketing program out there, simply click the banner below and discover how you can start earning and learning NOW!

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